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We now offer a range of plants in our ON LINE shop
The list of items in the On Line Shop will change and be added to over time.
A much wider range of Plants and Sundries is available direct
from our Nursery / Garden Centre. Please call in or contact us directly.

The On Line Shop has various PRODUCT CATEGORIES (see top left hand on screen),
each listing a range of relevant Items / Plants.
Some plants might be listed in a Category but would also qualify for another category,
ie. Conifers / Hedging / Shrubs / Trees.

To find specific items, listed in the Web Shop QUICKLY use the SEARCH option on the left hand side of the page / screen, or at the top right hand.

Plants are offered in different forms i.e. MODELS shown with each item....

- Model > 'ROOT WRAPPED PLANTS' - (Available November - May)
Plants listed in this category are bare rooted plants
in convenient bundles ,with the roots wrapped in peat moss.
This means that:
> They are convenient to handle and transport.
> The plants / roots do not dry out from the time they are lifted in the nursery until the time they are planted in their permanent position.
> Planting can be postponed until time and weather conditions allow.
> The planting season is extended.

- Model > 'BARE ROOTED PLANTS' - (Available November - May)
Plants listed in this catagory are plants direct from the ground with no soil attached to the roots. These plants are lifted in the Nursery, when the plants are dormant, from early November up to the end of April, when they can be safely moved and replanted.
These plants will be sent out with roots protected in plastic bags and will need to be planted more or less immediately when you receive them.

PLEASE NOTE ... In the Categories 'BARE ROOTED PLANTS' & 'ROOT WRAPPED PLANTS' a Progressive discount applies TO MOST ITEMS, as indicated in the box 'Quantity Discount' shown with the item,
of approx. 5-10-15%, if you purchase a MIX of ANY 2 - 5 or 10 Bundles or Units in these Categories.

- Category > 'SUNDRIES / TOOLS' - In this Category we have listed some items you may require when planting or mantaining your plants.
Also listed are a wide range of TOP QUALITY WOLF and WILKINSON SWORD tools.
We also carry a wide range of Seeds, Bulbs, Composts, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Bird food , etc. not listed here.

- Category > 'GIFT VOUCHERS' - Always a welcome GIFT for any occasion.
If you require a voucher to the value not listed you can contact us with your requirement direct by telephone or email.
Vouchers can be exchanged for plants at our Garden Centre. No expiry date.
We can post voucher to whatever address you wish by return. We can also EMAIL a copy of your voucher.

All prices shown in Web Shop are inclusive of VAT at the appropriate rate.

To avoid carriage charges you can click on 'SHOP PICK-UP' when you get to the final stage of checking out, before you finalize the transaction, which will remove the carriage charge from your bill.
In that case please contact us to arrange collection.

Please note - Items ordered from Web Shop will have to be paid through Web Shop.
NB. Not all items shown in Web Shop might be available in our Garden Centre.

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